The Bonadio Group

171 Sullys Trail
New York
(585) 381-1000
Samuel Capuano
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The Bonadio Group is a nationally ranked, top 40 CPA firm that brings an integrated world of resources to every client, large or small. We have developed relationships with a broad spectrum of clients that range from the private sector and public organizations to tax-exempt entities and individuals. While many firms are staying the same size, we are continuously building our practice so that we can deliver the highest quality service and never leave our clients seeking more. No other firms in our local or regional market have the same focus on continued growth.

Founded in 1978 and led by active, engaged partners, The Bonadio Group brings a passion and approach to our work that distinguishes us from all others in our field.

Each client assignment begins with the close attention of a senior partner, who continues to monitor and advise the relationship as it proceeds. This attention to detail ensures that we optimize the outcome of our services.

As our company has grown, our range of services has expanded far beyond what you expect to find at a typical CPA firm. This comprehensive service range is one reason why organizations representing diverse sectors turn to us. We’re a close-knit collection of affiliates that collaborate on every facet of your needs. And we integrate them in fresh ways for every client, to help grow and protect their assets. We welcome change and continually explore new avenues to deliver excellent service and value-added ideas for each of our clients, every day. This is one our founding principles. We structure our firm and train our people to live by that rule. For us,

the single most important factor in our success is serving our clients.

Industries Served

• Tax-Exempt

• Privately Held

• Small Business

• Health Care

• Government

• Labor

• Financial Institutions

• Construction

• Higher Education

• Public Companies

• Individuals

• Accounting Firms

• Private Equity


Management Team

Thomas Bonadio – Managing Partner & CEO

Robert Enright – Chief Operating Officer

Bruce Zicari – Partner

Mario Urso – Partner